Web Infrastructure Management

In this Internet age, businesses and associations are forced to rely on the Internet and technology in conducting their business processes or activities.

As such, they are forced to continuously build and update the infrastructure that supports their Internet-based or web-based applications. Selecting a professional partner to develop and maintain their web infrastructure needs is critical in ensuring the smooth flow of business or activities. A professional web infrastructure strategy is instrumental in ensuring the availability of information to the target audience.

These services include:

  • Operating System installation/upgrade (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • Configuring the web server (Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed)
  • PHP, PHP-FPM installation/upgrade and configuration
  • MySQL installation/upgrade and configuration
  • Setting up websites
  • SSL installation
  • Backup Solutions
  • FTP Accounts setup
  • Migration of sites from one server to other
  • Amazon EC2 Setup

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