Matching Your Client’s Expectations with Your Website’s Development

130528-managing-expectationsIn today’s modern world your business revolves around much more than just the basics like supply and demand. What used to work for business owners isn’t as effective in today’s constantly-changing technological markets. Even the most important aspect of business – sales has drastically shifted; face-time used to be of extreme importance in closing a sale but now designing web platforms to pop or ranking higher on search engines is just as important of an aspect to closing a sale.

The internet has made it possible to revolutionize the way businesses function, opening up doors to reach clients internationally. This has allowed for the idea of targeting a broad array of demographics, expanding retail sales in the online arena and interacting with customers in a more effective manner. Behind all of this opportunity for extreme success, however, lies the importance of being able to keep up with the times and remain current. In a changing world, businesses that do not stay one step ahead of technological trends may find themselves lacking in unexpected ways. Fortunately, it is easy to enhance the digital arena, regardless of skill level.

Have you ever been on a company’s website searching for a specific page, only to find that the information you’re seeking is a needle in a haystack? Or perhaps you’ve tried to find the contact information for a local business but quickly gave up after discovering that it would require much more time than you anticipated? There’s nothing worse than navigating an unorganized website; it leaves instant negative rapport on a brand that may be almost impossible to reverse later. Your company’s reputation is no longer centered on how professional your staff is. Just as important as it is to display a storefront in an organized manner, it is now of equal importance that a website be organized the same.

Clients expect that they will not have to visit your retail store in order to buy a product; most likely, they are under the impression that they can order directly from your website. The internet makes it possible to be relevant to people from any demographic. Here are some tips to match your client’s expectations with your website development:

  • Expand your product availability by opening an online retail shop that can easily be integrated into your existing website.
  • Design your template with clean lines and minimal clutter. Make it easy for the client to access any information they need; don’t just focus on showcasing products.
  • Make your site accessible by expanding to the mobile arena; often if a client pulls up a site on their cellphone alignment issues will prevent them from viewing data unless the site has been expanded to the mobile arena.
  • Always make it easy for a client to conveniently reach out to you by adding a “contact” page that clearly displays your phone number, address and the ability for them to sign up for your email list.
  • Enhance SEO for your website by regularly updating keyword-rich blog posts featuring your latest products and images.
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